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jdizzle 03-12-2009 11:38 AM

Blocking web site access from devices
Has any one implemented URL filters of any kind to block access to specific web sites from the BB? I just tried setting it up based on this article from RIM:

but it caused it to block any site I tried to access (I specifically set it to block myspace.com just to test). Further more, I applied the access control rule to my profile, but it appears to block for others on that server as well. :confused:

To take it a little further, if I were to get it working, does that mean I have to specify every exact site to block? My company uses some thrid party web filtering tools, and I've been asked if its possible to block based on that app's list, for example by exporting the filter list from the app then importing it somewhere on the BES?
Any one have experience with any third party apps that provide web filtering for BlackBerry?

Otto 03-12-2009 08:33 PM

Did you implement web filtering at the infrastructure level? If so, would the BES not be behind the filter? If it's excluded, is there any way to remove that exclusion? That would take care of it without implementing the access controls and without the additional overhead invovled with keeping up with yet another list.

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