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BBGalvipa 03-05-2010 12:02 PM

Pipe Full message in Log.
The log shows significant reports of Send: Pipe Full and SRP disconnects/reconnects. Anyone have any idea or have seen this before?

We have just recently setup a new BES 5.0 environment and are migrating users over to it from a 4.1.6 environment. This is set on a Domino server. We have 2 BES primary and a high available server for failover. We use a two separate Routers which are sitting in the DMZ. All the components are running on virtual servers.

noname 03-05-2010 06:21 PM

In order to effectively troubleshoot this issue, you need to understand how BES makes its SRP connection to the BlackBerry Infrastructure.

As per system requirments for BES5.0, it states that...

System requirements: Firewall

To install the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, configure a firewall or proxy firewall with the following conditions:
• exclusive use of port 3101 to open and maintain an outbound, bidirectional TCP/IP connection to an external server
• support for resolving Internet addresses that use DNS
• for proxy firewalls, transparency of the proxy server

You may like to check your network conditions on the computer hosting the BES.

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