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Delete from Outlook does not delete from Smartphone
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Old 12-08-2009, 07:03 PM
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Default Delete from Outlook does not delete from Smartphone

Hi guys,

With reference to this following article:


I have a user complaining of Outlook deletions not syncing to Blackberry (BES 5.0 connected). There are a number of issues I am going to address with him tomorrow and this is the one that I am most unsure of. He is a heavy user which could well have an impact on the deletion of emails not syncing, but he claims they do not sync at all (Deletions that is).

Is it fair to assume that if someone is a heavy user, i.e. always uses Blackberry within 10 minutes, that Sync deletion just won't happen? Now, during the night of course I would expect deletions to sync in which case there must be another issue at play.

I have enabled hard delete reconcilliation on my BES, so that won't be it. He has however complained that Emails are being received on his handheld prior to being received on his Outlook (Apparently it takes over 30 mins - 1 hour to deliver to Outlook). I suspect the latter could have an affect in the opposite direction i.e. Deletes on Oulook, takes ages to sync back to live mailbox and hence deletes either take ages or dont work?

Effectively, apart from an Outlook client problem or a heavy user issues, are there any other scenarios where anyone has come across this problem?

Thanks for your time guys
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Old 12-08-2009, 10:46 PM
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Looking at the time it takes to get into Outlook, I would say the user is either a) having email delivered to a PST file, or b) has Outlook configured to be in cache mode. If either of these are configured, it could have an impact on the deletions. If a PST, the deletions will not be replicated to the device (or vice versa) without the hard deletion support enabled (as it is enabled, I'm not sure why there would still be an issue). If cache mode, the deleted item could take a bit (based on how long it takes to get down) to replicate back to the Exchange server and thus to the BES and handheld.

Also, the obvious thing to check is making sure this user isn't permanently deleting the items. But once again, having hard delete support enabled should eliminate this issue as well.

Lastly, I have run across issues when the legacyExchangeDN for a user was malformed due to an Exchange migration of the account (in this case, it was generally for a LARGE number of users). This typically caused a space at the end of the Display Name value (e.g. - 'Smith, John ') which had the side effect of the BES not processing any reconciliation events (deletions, read/unread, moves, etc).

Worst case scenario is to open a message on the handheld, scroll up, hold ALT and type VIEW, grab the RefId, and cross-reference it in the MAGT logs housing that user's account. If you need help reading, feel free to send me the log and/or post on here (if the latter, be sure to blank out any identifying information, such as PIN, email, SRP, etc).
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Old 12-09-2009, 05:10 AM
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Thanks for the options to considers Otto,

I emailed the guy some suggestions late last night and it seems that the 4 issues he was experiencing are now fixed. I am trying to get hold of him now to find out exactly what fixed them all and then I will post back, for information.

I suspect it all stems from the Outlook cached value that is enabled by default for those of the 50 000 users in our Messaging environment.
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Old 12-09-2009, 07:56 AM
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Problems all resolved. Had to clear "Calendar ALL" for one problem and for the Deleted icons reconciliation, he cleared down his Outlook profile, which then resolved the Outlook-Exchange synchronisation issue and spurred Outlook - Handheld Deleted items reconciliation into action.

He is still using Cached mode but the 30mins lag time is to be expected as I have explained to him (Being as he is a very heavy user).

Thank you for the "Alt + VIEW" tip, that could come in handy.
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