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Best Actor (Born after 1960)
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Default Best Actor (Born after 1960)

There's a thread on another forum that I post on that is debating the best actor that was born after 1960 (usually these actors started in the 1990's and are referred to as the Silver Age of Hollywood).

As I agree with most people in the world (or at least America), I would say that Johnny Depp has proven time and again that he is very likely one of the most talented actors of our generation and certainly makes a case for the all-time list. I'm not sure if anyone in Hollywood could make a case for this particular designation, but nevertheless...

My Top 10 (in no real particular order) would be:

Johnny Depp
Sean Penn
Leonardo DiCaprio
Russell Crowe
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Robert Downey Jr.
Benecio Del Toro
Brad Pitt
Heath Ledger
Edward Norton

Johnny Depp has been pretty much solid throughout his career, not for lack of trying to be different and not always choosing the 'popular' route. Let's not forget that he will be paid $56m for the next Pirates installment, making him the highest paid actor of all-time (in a single movie).

Sean Penn has a career range of acting that has flourished in his later years (although those years have not been too kind to him). He has become an outspoken political activist in recent decades and thus has lost a lot popularity with one half of his would-be audience. He has been one of the most successful actors in the last decade with regards to awards.

Leo was once heralded as the next great actor. I believe Titanic was the best and worst thing for his career. He has the title of 'Most Successful Movie Ever' under his belt, but he has been trying to make up for that movie ever since (much to our delight).

Russell Crowe, for a few years, had Oscar nominated or winning performances year in and year out. Following that string of nominations/wins, he had performances that just missed the cut for a number of years. While his recent stuff has not even made any waves, he definitely cannot be left off this list.

Philip Seymour Hoffman has really made some splashes in recent years, although it took him a long, long time to be removed from others' shadows. I would say this had more to do with his looks rather than his talent, unfortunately. He has shown a range from comedy to suspense to drama, portraying a fill-in that would take the show or the protagonist and antagonist of a film. I believe his recent trend of taking lead roles and risks will continue to allow him to flourish in the industry (and move up in these sort of lists).

Robert Downey Jr. was once one of the most promising young actors in Hollywood. A string of wrong turns, bad moves, and otherwise PR nightmares reserved him a spot in Hollywood Hell. With a rather remarkable string of good luck and general good kharma, he started making a comeback beginning with his performance in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and ultimately peaking with Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. He is currently one of the 'IT' men in Hollywood. With his mighty talent, let's hope this continues in this particular direction and not the one that plagued him nearly two decades ago following his award-winning performance in Chaplin.
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