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Si 02-16-2009 04:21 AM

KB12305 - Unable to contact server (Domino)
KB12305 - "Unable to contact server" error when logging in to BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Sametime

  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server version 4.1 SP2 for IBM® Lotus® Domino®
  • BlackBerry® Client for IBM® Lotus® Sametime®
<hr class="section">Overview

<content> When a BlackBerry smartphone user tries to log in to BlackBerry Client for IBM Lotus Sametime on the BlackBerry smartphone, the following error message is displayed:
Unable to contact server
<hr class="section">Cause

<content> The registry entry found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\BlackBerry Collaboration Service\ImagePath is no longer set correctly.
If the registry key displays -feature -rimbes "", with no data within the quotation marks, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server will not create any BlackBerry Instant Messaging (BBIM) logs.
<hr class="section">Resolution

<content> Warning: The following procedure involves modifying the computer registry. This can cause substantial damage to the Windows® operating system. Document and back up the registry entries prior to implementing any changes.
Modify the registry entry to include the BlackBerry Enterprise Server name as it appears in BlackBerry Manager:
-feature sametime -rimbes "<servername>"
For example, if the server name is BES1, the registry entry should appear as follows:
-feature sametime -rimbes "BES1_BBIM_1"

hdawg 09-20-2009 04:09 PM


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