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hdawg 08-23-2009 09:05 PM

KB04772 - Mailbox move repeatedly detected in the BlackBerry Messaging Agent log
KB04772 - Mailbox move repeatedly detected in the BlackBerry Messaging Agent log


  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software version 4.0 for Microsoft® Exchange
  • SDR77283
  • SDR164270
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<content> The BlackBerry Enterprise Server repeatedly stops and restarts a BlackBerry smartphone user account, which disrupts normal email message delivery. The BlackBerry Messaging Agent (MAGT) log displays the following entry:
[30046] (11/17 11:38:50):{0x10A0} ScanGAL():Detected a mailbox move for user:<user_name>

[30045] (11/17 11:38:50):{0x18FC} Stopping handheld for<user_name>

[30041] (11/17 11:38:52):{0x10A0} Starting handheld for<user_name>
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<content> In Microsoft® Active Directory®, a space has been added to the end of the entry in the Display name field. This space causes the ScanGal process, which scans the Global Access List (GAL), on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to detect a mailbox move for the BlackBerry smartphone user account every 12 minutes. The BlackBerry smartphone user will experience email message delivery in batches because email messages are only delivered after the BlackBerry smartphone user's account is restarted and before the next start of the ScanGal process.
The email address listed in the Users and Computers General tab of the Microsoft Active Directory is different from the primary Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address listed in the Email Address tab. These tabs are located within the BlackBerry smartphone user's Microsoft Active Directory Properties window. This is usually caused when an administrator uses an incorrect custom script to add BlackBerry smartphone user accounts into Microsoft Active Directory.
<hr class="section">Resolution

<content> Complete the following steps:
  1. Upgrade to BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.0 SP5 or later for Microsoft Exchange. Note: This issue was seen again in BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.1.4, and 4.1.5 and it is resolved in 4.1.7.
  2. Use ADSIEdit to view the properties of the BlackBerry smartphone user's Microsoft Active Directory account.
  3. In the Attributes window, change the Mail attribute to the correct primary SMTP address.
<hr class="section">Workaround

<content> Delete the space at the end of the Display name by completing the following steps:
  1. In the Users and Computers tab of Microsoft Active Directory, expand the BlackBerry Domain tree.
  2. Click the Users folder, right-click the appropriate user name, and click Properties.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. In the Display name field, delete the space at the end.
  5. Click Apply, then click OK.

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