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hdawg 06-16-2009 11:42 AM

KB15207 - Controller missing heartbeats for the Messaging Agent ...
KB15207 - BlackBerry Controller missing heartbeats for the BlackBerry Messaging Agent until the BlackBerry Dispatcher is restarted


  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server version 4.1 for Microsoft® Exchange
  • SDR166204
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<content> The BlackBerry Enterprise Server does not deliver email messages. When reviewing the BlackBerry Controller log, the following is repeatedly reported:
[30000] (02/12 23:36:52.203):{0xA2C} Performing system health check (BlackBerry Controller Version

[20000] (02/12 23:36:52.203):{0xA2C} Agent 4: Missed 1 heartbeats

[30000] (02/12 23:46:52.206):{0xA2C} Performing system health check (BlackBerry Controller Version

[20000] (02/12 23:46:52.206):{0xA2C} Agent 4: Missed 2 heartbeats

[10000] (02/12 23:46:52.897):{0xAFC} 'TESTBES' agent 4 missed 2 heartbeats. Restarting.
In the respective Agent log, the following is seen each time the BlackBerry Messaging Agent restarts:
[30054] (02/13 02:51:12.530):{0x39B8} Starting Message System

[30055] (02/13 02:51:12.530):{0x39B8} Using MAPI profile BlackBerryServer

[50000] (02/13 02:51:12.580):{0x550} Controller: This BES Agent is under control of BlackBerry Agent Controller

[50000] (02/13 03:16:52.895):{0x550} Controller: Requested to stop

[30000] (02/13 03:18:23.275):{0x2898} Current Date: 2008/02/13

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<content> When the BlackBerry Messaging Agent tries to utilize the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) to start, MAPI stops responding and the BlackBerry Messaging Agent becomes unresponsive to the BlackBerry Controller.
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<content> This is a previously reported issue that has been escalated internally to our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.
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<content> To work around this issue, restart the BlackBerry Dispatcher to restore service.
Important: Restarting certain BlackBerry Enterprise Server services will delay email message delivery to BlackBerry smartphones. For more information, see KB04789.

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