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  1. BES 12 SQL Query
  2. bes 5.04 script needed
  3. PS Script for BES Account Status
  4. SQL Script to read BBUser Status
  5. SQL Script: Getting (primary) contact folder(s)
  6. Changing the text colour in the console
  7. SQL Query - for BES - count users per groups
  8. Sql Query Messages Sent and Availabilty
  9. Is this possible?
  10. Need a query to see if a user is syncing a public contact folder
  11. mass account creation script
  12. How many devices running each OS?
  13. SQL Query to pull "Last Connected"
  14. Manage Multiple Users from CSV File
  15. JL_Cmder ** New Version Added 11/20/2010 **
  16. SQL Script - Check users with TimeZone records on their devices
  17. Powershell - BES Licences Used mail script
  18. Script to show mising PIM Sync fields
  19. Time Sync App
  20. 64 bit BES Perfmon counters?
  21. Can't invite attendee from BES Using Scalix Mail
  22. blackberry 8830 flashed to cricket
  23. Mailbox Agent Log Parser
  24. SQL Script to grab device data related to service books
  25. Script to pull all 3rd Party Apps installed
  26. script to pull Blackbery encryption
  27. Command-line Script for User Manipulation via BUA
  28. NEEDED: BES 5.0 API Code Examples
  29. Powershell code to query besdatabase
  30. Confirm your user is receiving email on their BlackBerry
  31. BES 5.0 - Add administrators from AD Security Group.
  32. RSA pushtoken script or app
  33. Texting While Driving
  34. Automating Policy Change
  35. real time Tracking of error logs
  36. BlackBerry Ping Script
  37. error messages needed
  38. script to check logs
  39. NEEDED: SQL script bes users per exchange server
  40. BES 5.0 - Batch Scripts for Stopping and Starting Services
  41. Modify the Emergency Contact List
  42. Script to Zip Log Files
  43. Track when / who disables / removed a user account
  44. Script for listing applications installed on Blackberries
  45. Script to remove BES log files/directories
  46. SQL Script to search for user by phone number
  47. Script to perform offline database maintenance. (Domino)
  48. BES Performance and Health
  49. BES User Role Listing Script
  50. Tool to do what OSClean did
  51. Looking for a script / shortcut ...
  52. Script to perform a scheduled BESMgmt Database backup
  53. BlackBerry Expert Support Tool
  54. SQL script to find users' device free memory
  55. SQL Script to grab user / handheld data
  56. Start|Stop|Disable BES Services (Scripted) - DR and Migration Purposes
  57. Manually restarting a single Messaging Agent

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