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Nice review, Si. I saw gwabbit at WES this year, but haven't trialed it myself. I did just recieve an email about an update they have come out with:

The gwabbit recognition engine has been upgraded, and realizes many improvements based on the feedback and issues reported by our customers. We truly appreciate and welcome your feedback – it helps us bring you enhanced performance in a better, stwonger gwabbit! We’re listening and responding.

Both our gwabbit for Outlook and gwabbit for BlackBerry now incorporate our latest version 2.0 recognition engine. The following is a list of items that have been addressed in this latest upgrade:
  • The engine now correctly handles the text added by anti-virus programs such as AVG
  • The Improve Results feature (gwabbit for Outlook) is greatly improved, now recognizing a much higher percentage of contact blocks
  • Better recognition of non-US phone numbers and non-US addresses
  • Better recognition and parsing of HTML emails, taking into account the formatting of the signature block, including stylized text
  • Improved handling for new varieties of signature structures, based on the feedback submitted
  • Better separation of the “thread” (older email in the same conversation) so as to more accurately identify contact information of the sender. This improvement is especially noticeable in gwabbit for BlackBerry
  • Overall improved recognition
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