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Default REVIEW: Gwabbit

I'm a fan of any application which makes my day easier; turning my phone in to a light sabre or lighter does not make my life easier, applications which integrate seemlessly with existing platforms on the other hand makes a massive difference to my working day. Gwabbit is exacly that sort of application.

For those unfamiliar with Gwabbit, here's a brief introduction taken directly from their website:

gwabbit automatically scans incoming BlackBerry emails, finds contacts, and instantly transforms them into contact records within your address book with a mouse click! gwabbit puts your contact fields away in their proper place in the address book and even checks your address book to see if you've already saved a contact previously before re-prompting you to "gwab" it again.

gwabbit employs a remarkable patent-pending semantic technology to identify contact blocks within email text and accurately parse and import them into your address book. No more cutting and pasting contacts one field at a time from your emails into your address book.
That really says it all!! When I first came across Gwabbit I was browsing the BlackBerry App World on my Bold 9000 device, and as a free 14 day trial was available, I had to give it a download. I have to say, I was impressed and within a few minutes I was convinced this was an app I had to have. To give you a feel for how the application works, I've screen dumped the process of using Gwabbit below:

1. I receive an email on my device where the sender has a signature. I click the menu key and from the sub menu you'll note the option "gwabbit"

2. I then get a brief 'processing' screen as Gwabbit scans the email

3. A prompt for the new contact will then be displayed with an option to add the contact to your address book. Click 'Create New'

4. Again, a brief buffer screen appears

5. You will now be shown your address book with the new contact created in the 'Edit' view so you may make any additions or changes

And here's the saved contact on my device:

6. And as we can see, here is the contact in my Outlook address book

The two key things to take from Gwabbit are the fact it integrates in the BlackBerry OS rather than having to be something which requires separate launching (and that's a massive positive for me), and secondly this application is very accurate - I've yet to correct it on anything.

At under $10 a year this is a steal for anyone looking to save some time and have that bit more integration on their device. Before this I was always cutting and pasting in Outlook or typing in stuff from business cards, and now I can do it all quickly and accurately from my BlackBerry in seconds.

Gwabbit is available directly from their site and can be downloaded OTA. Here's a link to their website:

gwabbit - an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook and the BlackBerry that finds, gwabs and adds contacts from your emails to your address book

I have also checked, and the 14 day free trial is still available, so what are you waiting for!!!!
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