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Default KB15207 - Controller missing heartbeats for the Messaging Agent ...

KB15207 - BlackBerry Controller missing heartbeats for the BlackBerry Messaging Agent until the BlackBerry Dispatcher is restarted


  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server version 4.1 for Microsoft® Exchange
  • SDR166204


The BlackBerry Enterprise Server does not deliver email messages. When reviewing the BlackBerry Controller log, the following is repeatedly reported:
[30000] (02/12 23:36:52.203):{0xA2C} Performing system health check (BlackBerry Controller Version

[20000] (02/12 23:36:52.203):{0xA2C} Agent 4: Missed 1 heartbeats

[30000] (02/12 23:46:52.206):{0xA2C} Performing system health check (BlackBerry Controller Version

[20000] (02/12 23:46:52.206):{0xA2C} Agent 4: Missed 2 heartbeats

[10000] (02/12 23:46:52.897):{0xAFC} 'TESTBES' agent 4 missed 2 heartbeats. Restarting.
In the respective Agent log, the following is seen each time the BlackBerry Messaging Agent restarts:
[30054] (02/13 02:51:12.530):{0x39B8} Starting Message System

[30055] (02/13 02:51:12.530):{0x39B8} Using MAPI profile BlackBerryServer

[50000] (02/13 02:51:12.580):{0x550} Controller: This BES Agent is under control of BlackBerry Agent Controller

[50000] (02/13 03:16:52.895):{0x550} Controller: Requested to stop

[30000] (02/13 03:18:23.275):{0x2898} Current Date: 2008/02/13


When the BlackBerry Messaging Agent tries to utilize the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) to start, MAPI stops responding and the BlackBerry Messaging Agent becomes unresponsive to the BlackBerry Controller.


This is a previously reported issue that has been escalated internally to our development team. No resolution time frame is currently available.


To work around this issue, restart the BlackBerry Dispatcher to restore service.
Important: Restarting certain BlackBerry Enterprise Server services will delay email message delivery to BlackBerry smartphones. For more information, see KB04789.
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