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Default Impulse spending!!!

You know when you're half reaching for your wallet but you're just not sure?!?!? I figured in such a situation I should enlist the help of my BlackBerry peers!!!!

I'm in the market for a little (not too little) portable device to store my photos on and show family and friends. I've done a bit of hunting around and come across a few dedicated units by the likes of Epson that I can dump memory cards in to and copy over to a solid state drive, but what's caught my eye this week have been the Archos units.

I've done a bit of reading up and these look pretty funky on the surface. They're not exactly fit for my purpose and there are no memory card slots (I have an SD digicam, an SD high definition camcorder and a CF based digital SLR) but they do come with some funky add ons. You've got the Wi-Fi web browser which looks pretty cool and supports flash, there's the option to stream from your PC, they tend to support a lot of good video codecs and there's even an email client. Now typically I hate laptops with a passion, but while I'm looking for something primarily for my photos, a little Archos tablet looks to be a funky middle ground.

Admittedly, its a jump beyond necessity because this whole mission was born out of wanting to view my photos on a portable terminal, and while the Archos has none of the memory card slots, it has a decent 60GB hard disc and the cool factor of the stuff is swaying me off my original course slightly (you know all too well how easy it is for that to happen). I'm also aware that most people who buy these things travel a lot, and I don't, but having it as a web browser and network resource next to my bed would be cool.

What I hate is that lots of stuff you would expect to be included with Archos is extra. The web browser, PDF and HD video codec plugins are 20 each (what a rip off) but torrents are a plenty so that's fixed for free!!!

Im certainly battling with myself over this one do I need one, no do I want one, yes and how long will it take before the novelty wears off! Ive read that Archos are about to announce a new breed of units running Google Android that I would like. For me the only thing that would make these units more self sufficient (and would make me instantly buy one) would be a SIM card slot for an embedded 3G modem as that would surely make it the ultimate tablet, but I don't want to spend a fortune on this thing.

I have managed to locate a brand new Archos 5 60GB unit for 179 delivered.

Friday thoughts???
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