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As long as you put the format of the doc is a web page, it will work.

1. Create a web page / site with the info you want to send to your users out on a website (IIS / apache).
2. Take either the phpPush example push app or the web push script of your choice (I have one written in Python) and make sure it is able to send you a test push app.
3. For each user needing the app, send the push request (can be done programmatically).

This is essentially what the ECL does for you.

I know I'm kind of vague on each step, but the work you put into it depends on how many users you have an how many push apps you are going to send out.

If you want to do more than the canned applications offer, you will need a programmer (or a third party app).

Small use example:
Send one page of "common problems" to users.
1. Copy web page to web server.
2. Use phpPush page to send to up to 100 users (too tedious for more).

Large (automated) use example:
Send pages based on group membership or IT policy.
1. Create script to use sqlite database to keep track of membership (optional). This can be used to avoid always resending the push notifications to users.
2. The script runs periodically, checking for new users or status change (inside BESMgmt, LDAP or other data source).
3. Upon change, send add-channel or delete channel to update the user's handhelds.

If you like I can send you my python class / setup.
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