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Default Need Clarification of an IT Policy Rule

I am trying clarify conflicting interpretations of an IT policy rule. The rule in question is the Allow Other Message Services. Our IT policy sets this rule to False.

Allow Other Message Services IT policy rule

This rule specifies whether the BlackBerry® device can use other email message services.

Default setting
The default setting is True.

Set this IT policy rule to False to make it mandatory to send outgoing email messages through your organization's BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and to prevent users from sending email messages using other email message services.

This IT policy rule does not prevent users from receiving email messages on their BlackBerry devices from other email message services.
I maintain that users should be able to respond to BIS account messages even when this rule is set to False. However, the response is sent using the BES account and not the the BIS account that originally received it. Another group maintains that this rule restricts any replies at all.

Everything works fine if the policy is removed from the device so I am making the assumption that this is a policy related problem. Is there another policy that might cause the user to lose the ability to reply to messages from BIS account (send option is not there)? Could the change have been caused by a MR or service pack.

Current enviroment is Domino 8.0.x and BES 4.1.6. MR4 is getting installed this weekend.

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