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Yeah it does.. i posted it across all forums at the same time to see what i come up with :P sorry.

What I am being requested to do is getting to be a bit ridiculous.

The idea is that if the Exchange server goes down AND the BES is not available. To be able to send a PIN message to almost 800 Users. The post above yours pointed me to T-Service. I still need to contact them to see if they can provide this kind of service for me independant of my BES/Exchange environment.

SO I am investigating the feasibility of exporting this info and importing it into Outlook, then synching it onto a BB address book. But now I am faced with the issue of adding the contacts into the message. I can't possibly add each user one by one. And creating a distribution list on the BB will take forever. BES does not synch distribution lists as of yet.

The other things I have not investigated yet is the possibility of a maximum amount of contacts in a BB distribution list.. or the maximum amount of recipients in a PIN message.

I don't want to do all this work to make this happen only to find out i can send to 50 recipients at a time or something. If T-Service does in fact provide this, then that would be the easiest solution.

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