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Originally Posted by nickadelman View Post
cool... so not much to worry about, even if they are frequent... pretty much just a BES system burp

on a side note, i see that you guys are certified... worth it?
Since I passed both during the beta periods, I thought it was pretty cool to be one of the first ever to do it, but I simply got a pat on the back and recognition MONTHS after I received acknowledgement of a passing grade. No raise, which wasn't necessarily expected. I got the BCX-410 for free and paid half price for the BCX-610 out of pocket (as to not be tied down by any obligation to the company, should that ever come up). Since it's a new certification, I think it would only hold some weight within this particular niche of the industry. I'll be getting my MCITP:EMA or MCITP:ESA at some point this year. That should land me a promotion and a raise (I hope so, at least).
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