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I see these in my environment as well. From the DISP log, I see the following entries:

[30000] (01/28 17:35:54.370):{0x1448} SRPClient::ReceivePacket: No received bytes (0)
[30000] (01/28 17:35:54.370):{0x8D4} [DIAG] EVENT=Unregister_thread, THREADID=0x8D4, THREADNAME="SRPClientReceiver"
[30000] (01/28 17:35:54.370):{0x2254} [SRP] Connection lost
[30000] (01/28 17:35:54.573):{0x2254} [SRP] Connection established
[50096] (01/28 17:35:54.573):{0x2254} [SRP] Dispatcher\SRP Connection established
[30000] (01/28 17:35:54.573):{0x2120} [DIAG] EVENT=Register_thread, THREADID=0x2120, THREADNAME="SRPClientReceiver"

With that said, it's reported to the Event Log as an Informational notice only, so I don't think RIM considers it an issue. It appears to be more of a recycling of a thread than any actual drop.

I typically have Informational alerts disabled from logging in the Event Log, so I would have never noticed these anyhow (but it appears that I may have not disabled the logging on my test server).
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