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Originally Posted by vkdabies View Post
Hello All,

Is there a script that I can execute to determine the overall performance of the BES server as well as the health, on a daily basis?

Unfortunately not; there is no silver bullet for this. There are monitoring / management products that will do log analysis along with WMI performance monitoring, but you've got to pay for it.

I think most importantly you should on a daily basis:

1) Review support cases logged regarding your BES / BlackBerry users
2) Review the ALRT log on the BES. A lot gets logged there that isn't critical / indicating a failure but its a good habit to get in to.

This'll let you know if your users are complaining and if your BES is complaining. Sure there is a lot you can do with perfmon counters and advanced log review and using the BRK tools ... but this is a quick way to see if there is something going on.

Are you seeing specific problems you're looking to pin down?
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