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Originally Posted by AUTiger92 View Post
Ok, I'm not a SQL guy, in fact I probably know enough to be dangerous, but the instructions are pretty straight forward. I have two BESMgmt db on SQL 2000 and want to move them to SQL 2005. What if any additional steps would I need to do?

I have had the same exact question for 2 months... Finally got a clear answer!

Mr. E - Thank you sir, you are awesome. I am a relatively new BES admin and need to migrate from an older SQL2000/BES configuration to a new server with SQL2005 and upgrade to the latest BES.

One question. Should I upgrade to the latest BES on the older server then move? From what I have read on other forums you should move the BES from the same version to the same version.

Thanks in advance and thanks to the peeps that put this site together!!
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