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Default Looking for a monitor

I'm looking for a 20"+ (I guess up to 26" max) LCD monitor that supports 1920x1200 resolution.

I've seen mixed reviews on: Soyo 24" DYLM24D6 Widescreen LCD Monitor 24" Widescreen 1000:1 19.

I'm looking to use this with a Dell Latitude D830 laptop that I've had for about 18 months and the single screen just isn't cutting it (plus ... 15.4" at 1920x1200 is small; but I need the highest resolution I can get). I'd use the monitor as my primary and would probably stick email / etc in the built-in laptop lcd.

As a side note, anyone know if you can "upgrade / replace" the video card on a D830? I know its not something Dell would ever support; but is it even possible? I foolishly didn't spend the extra $100 for the upgraded video card and feel I'm going to regret it if / when I go to Vista / Windows 7.

Thoughts / help?
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