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Default BES 12 SQL Query

I'm currently using the below sql query on BES 10

use BDSMgmt
SELECT u.DisplayName, u.EmailAddress, REPLACE(dh.PhoneNumber, '+44', '0') AS PhoneNumber, dh.PIN, dh.IMEI, dm.MarketName AS BBModel,
dh.PlatformVersion AS Platform, 'Deployed' AS AssetStatus, dm.DeviceModelKey, dh.HomeNetwork, dh.ICCID AS SIMNo
FROM DeviceHardware AS dh INNER JOIN
BASDevices AS bd ON bd.PIN = dh.PIN INNER JOIN
DeviceModel AS dm ON dh.HardwareId = dm.HardwareId INNER JOIN
BASUserDeviceAttributes AS da ON da.DeviceId = bd.DeviceId INNER JOIN
EASUsers AS u ON u.UserId = da.UserId

However we are in the process in moving to BES 12 and Blackberry have changed the sql tables again and the query no longer works
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