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I rarely use some of the tools that RIM has released, but this one came in handy the other day for a user that had purchased his own device and removed the enterprise provisioning from his account. Of course, when asked by our help desk, he did no such thing. Even when speaking with the carrier, they didn't offer much assistance, as it was a personal account. So this one came in handy for the purposes of showing it was not provisioned correctly. The user and carrier were conferenced in together and the provisioning was validated that it had been removed 5 days earlier, when the user first started having issues.

Nevertheless, I believe I was the very last person consulted (and I gave my initial correct response, without the use of BESC, within 2 minutes of hearing about the issue), although this COULD have saved more than 10 man hours if used very early on.

BoxTone was reporting failed messages, which is usually my indicator of provisioning issues, but I guess other people didn't catch on to that.

I would love to see RIM open the enterprise provisioning tool up to generic help desk accounts for companies with T-Support contacts rather than tying it with the named callers list. No one on our named callers list troubleshoots end-user issues, so it doesn't really provide any cost savings for us (not to mention that we have perhaps 100 people who support the handhelds at some level or another and only a fraction of that for named callers).
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