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Originally Posted by Cheese Sammich View Post
That's not BIS.
Using a browser on the handheld to check web-based email is entirely different, and almost never done in my experience.
If a user integrates their personal email using BIS, that traffic never goes through BES and can't be logged.
Hi all, and thanks to everyone who takes their time to participate in communities like this to educate noobs like me.

The initial post above is FANTASTIC and I learned a ton just by reading it. My question revolves around what email messages would be considered “BIS email messages” and what is meant when the above poster says "If a user integrates their personal email using BIS...".

Real world example: I have a company-provided BlackBerry Bold. Using SETUP > EMAIL SETTINGS > ADD, I have configured my device to receive my personal email from Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail. Would the messages I receive on my device be considered BIS messages and therefore invisible to a BES Admin? Nowhere in setting up these 3rd party providers did I ever see any screen saying “Blackberry Internet Service” so I am not clear if I integrated my personal email using BIS (meaning they aren't visible to my BES Admin) or if they would somehow still pass through the BES considering the way I set myself up (as described above). To be clear, I am not using the Blackberry browser to visit and check my email like that. My hotmail messages are being delivered to my device’s inbox for Hotmail, which also shows in the general inbox that aggregates ALL messages from my company’s mail servers AND 3rd party providers.

Please advise… and thank you again.
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