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Its always interesting to see what other people are doing and what Rim's told them.

So the general problem is:
* You have to locate BES near the mailbox - near the CAS is _not_ sufficient!
Ya that the most important thing
* You have to place BAS near the SQL DB
For this one Rim's told me that the SQL DB can be high latency but keepting it under 800ms (ideally <400) is fine. In my case depending on the site I'm running ~120-400ms and remote SQL is working great. Like you I've deployed SQL on a failover cluster and working to see if I can RIM to support failover clustering and mirrorning at the same time

With regards to the logging issue I speaking with RIM support yesterday and they mentioned that managing remote loggging levels with the BAS would not work due to there being more than 100ms Between the BAS and the server it was trying to manage (I was get 112ms ping averages at the time). Do you have a DT# that I can use to get more info?

Monitoring wise I'm still chewing through it but we're starting to look at Boxtone, its pricey but along with BES monitoring it will also let us manage other devices as a MDM B*Nator, never heard of it (will dig) anything in particular that made you go with it vs other solutions?

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