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We had a similar challenge as we are during migration from Domino to Exchange (150000 mailboxes, 22000 Blackberries).

Both MAPI and SQL is sensitive to latency. MAPI is not supported with latency over 50ms. SQL allows afaik around 300ms.

So the general problem is:
* You have to locate BES near the mailbox - near the CAS is _not_ sufficient!
* You have to place BAS near the SQL DB

This is not easy nor cheap in a big and scattered environment ...

With regards to not being able to use the logging tab in BAS: We experienced similar issue. We use different BES Admin accounts in different locations and according to RIM this is the main problem. Dev task is open for it, but afaik it will not be fixed in SP3.

We use SQL clustering in our european site - this is supported with RIM on a per case decision.

I can not tell you much about monitoring service - we use B*Nator which is quite good but also not cheap.

BES 4.1.7 (20 servers) w/ Domino 7.0.3
BES 5.0.2 (6 server) w/ Exchange 2010 SP1 RU2

20000+ devices on Domino
2000+ devices on Exchange
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