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Originally Posted by mriff View Post
This story made the ABC National News this evening.

I'm betting that the good people of Auburn along with a lot of sympathetic people from all over will find a way to at least partially replace these trees. I know it will not be the same as the Toomer trees were somewhere at 150 years old or more. But as I mentioned earlier, arborists can and do move large trees these days. It will require significant clean up to make sure the herbicide is gone (tebuthiuron is very persistent in soil with a half life of more than two years).

Check this out: Relocation of 40" Live Oak | Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida | Universities | Environmental Design, Inc.
Here's an interesting article about the Toomer's Oaks from a few years ago. At the very end, it discusses what the plans were going to be over the next couple decades. I was under the impression that they had original seedlings dating back to the early 80's, but it seems the earliest are now only 10 years old. One day, they will find their way to Toomer's Corner.

Too Late for Toomer's Trees
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