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Originally Posted by CanadianCrack View Post
Jasma12 - I'm having this identical problem on BES 4.1

The BES event viewer is getting pummelled with the exact same error codes as you described and the exchange mailboxes are working fine.

Were you able to resolve it?
I'm contacting RIM ........did you receive any further info from them about the problem?

Typically these errors are due to Cause #3... the
"Blackberryinfofolder" hidden within the users exchange mailbox has become corrupt in some way. Mainly due to 3rd party outlook add-ons the change some of the hidden files/folders and the BES server can no longer properly lookup/edit/search for in this case, ref-id's since that's how BES keeps track of the e-mails and the references to them. Sometimes running outlook /resetfolders will do the trick. Other times backing up mailbox to pst, creating a new mailbox and importing the data back resolves it. I tend to use MFCMAPI to verify the infofolder exists and is in good standing (as long as you do not have cashed exchange mode enabled otherwise that folder will obviously not exist)
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