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Originally Posted by mriff View Post
What do you think DF. I think Pelini could have handled this a wee bit better than he did.

Pelini owes sailor more than an apology |
No doubt he could have handled it better. Pelini's not and unfortunately likely never will be a golden-tongued press-charmer. And to make it worse, sometimes his temper gets the best of him - although that was NOT the case this time.

Having said this, that article was a hack job by a 2-bit reporter with a chip on her shoulder. I've watched the video replay of the postgame press conference. Contrary to her claim, Bo didn't look or act "sour" during his postgame press conference, and he certainly didn't "bark" at the woman. That's absolute BS. This was actually one of his better press conferences - although we'd just gotten thoroughly embarrassed he was calm and professional.

Just like her claim that "It was a gut-wrenching moment to witness" when talking to the sailor. She's forced to admit that the kid "displayed no anger", he "emphasized he's a Cornhuskers fan, and he stands behind his team. No matter what", he "would love another opportunity to attend a Nebraska football game with a field pass, preferably in Lincoln." But she keeps prying, asking him basically the same question over and over, trying her best to get him to say something bad about Pelini - but he doesn't - so she does it herself in the article - and claims her repeated attempts to get the kid to say more negative things was a "gut wrenching moment." Only gut-wrenching because it failed, repeatedly.

Here's a subsequent interview with the sailor, after her article was published:

"I was never upset," Ryan said by phone from California, where he's stationed as an electronics technician aboard the aircraft carrier at Coronado's North Island. "I think he's a good coach, and I still love Nebraska football.

"It was enough to have me on the sideline."

The column, written by Lisa Horne, described Pelini's actions as "disturbing" and "disingenuous." Horne depicted a disappointed Ryan and characterized his reaction to the revelation that Pelini was joking as "gut wrenching."

"It didn't affect me one way negatively," Ryan told The World-Herald.

Through an NU spokesman, Pelini reiterated on Wednesday his appreciation for the U.S. military. Athletic Director Tom Osborne, in response to e-mails, said he felt Pelini properly handled the situation.

Nebraska donated 500 tickets to the U.S. Marines for the Holiday Bowl. Nebraska fans purchased 1,685 tickets to the game for Navy and Marine personnel stationed in San Diego through the "Huskers for Heroes" program organized by Nebraska.

Additionally, Pelini and NU players have visited a Navy SEAL training complex while in San Diego the past two years.
No play-calling? NU fan in Navy took no offense
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