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Nice article, thanks.

Absolutely no way to spin it, the Huskers totally sucked in the Holiday Bowl. Some of it was surely the same "didn't want to be here" syndrome that sunk Alabama against Utah a couple years ago, along with other teams. But not sure that explains it all, we really did look bad.

And no doubt either, the Big Ten bowl record this season, at 3-5, isn't good either - with OSU's win over Arkansas about the only bright spot.

I have to say though (and I most certainly know this won't be popular here) that I'm not so sure I'd want to be in the SEC. I fully expect that in a few years we'll be looking back on Auburn's season this year just like USC's of a few years ago. And I honestly don't understand the support from the rest of the conference fans, no matter how "dirty" the program may be. I frequent an Ohio State board now, with us joining the Big Ten and my wife being a Buckeye. The prevailing opinion there is that the Buck's players really should have been suspended for the Sugar Bowl, not wait until next season. And the infractions there are pretty minor, in comparison.

Here's yet another recent article about that wonderful Auburn athletic department:

Auburn Is First in One Ranking, 85th in Another
50 Year Win %: Nebraska-.785
tOSU-.768 Penn St-.740 Oklahoma-.740 Texas-.733 Alabama-.729 Michigan-.724 USC-.723
Dominance! The Longstanding HUSKER Tradition!
NCAA record 311 consecutive sellouts, dating to 1962.
In an NCAA record 348 consecutive AP polls, including 96 consecutive Top 10 weeks.
Appeared in NCAA record 35 consecutive bowl games.
NCAA record 3 (Undefeated) National Championships in 4 seasons.

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