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Originally Posted by Otto View Post
I think he's a great coordinator. He's very enthusiastic and players and recruits love him. He's a great motivator and gets the most out of his players. We were sad to see him go. Of course, he has a "bend don't break" philosophy, so that may not mesh with your fanbase. With that said, I'm still not sure about the hire - definitely the direct opposite of the offensive-minded Meyer era. Let's wait and see the coaches he surrounds himself with. People questioned Chizik's leadership ability and head coaching record, but Iowa State was the wrong place. Now we're undefeated in only his second season. Florida seems to have the young talent necessary to be very, very successful in a year or two. If the incoming freshman pan out, look for Driskel to lead the Gators to another national championship. Hopefully for you, the Muschamp hire will be good enough to keep the previous freshman class and the upcoming recruiting class together. If so, the sky is the limit.
Ok, good insight. I agree that success will ultimately depend on who he surrounds himself with. He should send Addazio packing on the first bus out. Other than that, I'll look forward to see who he hires. The key here short term, is to maintain and wrap up his first class at UF. I also agree that UF is currently loaded with young talent. I'm glad they got the hire over with this quickly. We'll see.
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