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Originally Posted by eBoyDog View Post
Just found port3101 by a link from another site (crackberry) but wanted to offer a lmy insight to the question concerning if a employer can see the BIS email (personal Yahoo, gmail and such).

As already mentioned, BES admin's and such can't see the personal email from BES other than to know that it's there on the device. HOWEVER by default http & internet data requests go though the BES and out though the corporate internet connection SO while BES may not be logging that information, it's entirly possible that your employer could be monitoring their company internet connection including filtering access to non-business related web sites.

When you check your email on a BES activated device, most likely your are using your employer's internet connection to read your personal email. In my company, this is blocked yet every now and then I get a new BB user that asks me to troubleshoot why they can't read their Gmail, simple answer were I work: "Because you are not allowed to"

One of the goals of BES is maintain total control over the Blackberry device to assure that enterpise email and PIM data is delievered to the device, everything else is secondary and can be subject to the nature of controls that an organization commits to control of their assets.

Were I work as a BES admin, I can't read a user's Yahoo email from any logging on the server but I can trace your internet access back though my firewall and log everything you do on your BES activated device on the internet. Is it easy? No. Do I go to that trouble? No unless requested by higher up management when they believe policies are not being followed.
BIS mail goes over the APN and not through the BES/MDS. Only a carrier or RIM could log/read/intercept personal email as it stands now.

RIM could always do what they do for BBM and SMS and send copies of everything back to the BES. Right now they don't do this for BIS email.
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