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Already booked my flight and hotel. Unfortunately, my ticket connection (my father's friend) fell through and they decided to go (or make a lot of money off the tickets). We are only getting two tickets to the BCSNCG game, despite the fact that we now have 16 season tickets in our group (TUF-10 and TUF-6). Since the plan was to have dad use our two tickets for him and my stepmom and Brandee and I to use the other two tickets, that was all gravy... booked everything non-refundable without a concern.

Oh well. We'll get there one way or the other. I looked on eBay tonight and saw that upper deck tickets are running $700-plus at this point. I'm going to give it a few days and see if any of my connections pan out or if the aftermarket tickets lighten up (especially after the 17,000 AU tickets hit the market). If not, I will spend a bit extra and get lower level seats for around $900 each (if I'm paying that kind of money for tickets, might as well not be in the upper deck, right).

I seriously thought my dad might back down and give me his tickets, but... LOL!
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