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This post is now greater than a year old, but has anyone else been spammed by these Warnings on BES 5?
None of the resolutions above are accurate regarding this issue on Exchange 2010 and BES 5.0.1 and I have found zero other relative documentation on the subject.

On my end, I have 2 BES 5.0.1. servers in an HA configuration configured against Exchange 2010, currently on Rollup Update 4. The Server App logs is hit every minute with one or two of these Warnings on the listed Event ID and Description of the event.

The odd thing here with this is that it 'randomly' picks a different BES 5 user each day while I'm scouring the server logs. The users Exchange mailbox and their BBHH are both working properly, but the App Log is bombed with these items and leave the log basically useless in terms of tracking real issues.

This Event ID 20301 is also always followed up with more spamming at the same time, also all Warnings in the App Log with Event ID 20205 (AddRefIDProp() failed: ERR_FAIL, EntryId=######) and Event ID 20341 (MAPIMailbox::GetRIMApptParent - QueryByRefId [Id = -#########] Failed. [EntryId=#######])

Anyone else with the same or similar behavior? RIM is clueless and I have had an open ticket with them for this/these for a month now.

How do you get rid of these and make incredibly-overly-fickle and flaky BES 5 behave?

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