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Originally Posted by Otto View Post
I'm not sure if it is UF having the new faces or the fact that UGA and UT are going to be down this year. If Spurrier doesn't do something this year in a very weak SEC East Division, I think they need to start looking elsewhere. With Alabama and LSU on the schedule, the Gators may very well open the door to Atlanta for someone else.
I think the East will be a toss up this year with UF having the edge. Even with no Tebow and half the defense, we still have top five classes (with a number one class thrown in) in the last three years of recruiting. There is talent waiting in the wings. Little worried about USC, but not that much. Alabama will be a great game. I think we'll beat LSU. Should be a great year of football. The first in a long time without a kid named Tebow in the backfield. Come on Brantley!
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