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good tips, but it is not working on my BES when I am updating the contact on the BlackBerry side.
Following are the SYNC logs from the BES server:

[46031] (06/09 18:17:51.918):{0x1370} [SYNC-DSession] Submit XML request to Exchange connector. [fr0sti:34]
50 [46055] (06/09 18:17:51.935):{0x136C} [SYNC-DSession] Exchange connector responded MAPI_CALL_FAILED for Update on Address Book, return OPERATION_FAILURE to the device. [fr0sti:34, SID=494958016, CLID=182, ECLID=11, TB=73]
51 [46008] (06/09 18:17:51.935):{0x136C} [SYNC-DSession] Send 1 packet(s) with 17 bytes to the device. [fr0sti:34, SID=494958016, CLID=182, ECLID=11, TAG=20246, ST=20]
52 [
All proper right are set for the BESADMIN account which is running the BAS.
Any idea?
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