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Default Paid For My First BlackBerry App Today

I have been using and supporting BlackBerry for a long time now. Until today I had never paid for any application on my BlackBerry. Some of the themes have looked cool but seriously, I am not paying for a picture and a couple icons. I have had full version vendor provided for evaluation apps before but never spent my own hard earned money on anything. Until today that is...

A little background... While at lunch today I had to stop at a store on the other side of town. While on the highway I saw a police car, with full lights ablaze, swearving back and forth across 3 lanes of traffic. As we passed an on ramp two more cruisers join the first and create a rolling road block moving about 45MPH. What the duece?

Naturally I am curious as to whats going on. Got me wondering if there was a scanner app for the BlackBerry. Fired up AppWorld and sure enough I ran across Scanner Radio. Took advantage of the 7 day free trial and installed it.

Never did find out what the police were doing. But I did listen to Kennedy Space Center during a rocket launch this afternoon. Even lists how many people are listening to that particular scanner at the time. KSC had almost 1000 listeners just before the launch.

It even has the major city near me (Columbus Ohio) and the scanner for the suburb where I live listed. Pretty cool! The scanner that I have a feeling is going to be fun to listen to is the Ohio State University. Can't wait to hear all the call outs for drunks after an OSU football game!

At this point I was hooked and pretty sure I wanted to buy it. However, I am a cheap bastard and wanted to researched it a bit more. Found the applications webpage at and came across this little tidbit:
With your one-time $4.99 purchase you get free upgrades forever and you can transfer your registration to newer BlackBerry's as many times as you need to. There is no subscription or monthly fee.

My only concern now is keeping my BlackBerry out of my wifes hands. She used to sit around the police scanner for hours with her grandma when only a little girl.

In my opinion, Scanner Radio is a kick-ass little app. Sounds like it might be a little drain on the battery but thats to be expected with an app using a near constant radio/WiFi connection. If you like listening to scanners this is the app for you!


P.S. I am no way associated with Scanner Radio, its developer, or anyone else. Just sharing my experience buying my first application.
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