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Originally Posted by Otto View Post
Auburn edged out favorite Florida for the Tigers' 14th straight Men's Swimming & Diving SEC championship. This also marks a new record streak in the conference, breaking Florida's 42 year old record. And yes, I know I've been ragged on before for posting about our Swimming & Diving teams, but this was likely the one and only chance for Auburn's streak to end and we pulled out one squeaker of an upset. Our recruiting (yes, there's recruiting in the olympic sports) has set us up for a DEEP future, so we'll likely extend this another 3-4 years minimum. That's pure domination!

I don't believe we'll stand a chance at the NCAA championships (who knows though), but we have won 6 of the last 7 titles at the national level and we will likely start competing for it again next season (I wouldn't be surprised if we pulled another 3-4 year streak at nationals).

I know this is your site Otto, but I get really confused when we discuss swimming and diving on a college football thread. It just doesn't seem right. It would compare to DF discussing Nebraska's competitive corn growing in this thread, while however interesting it may be, it just isn't on topic.

Roll Tide!!!
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