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Originally Posted by DallasFlier View Post
OK jibi, I have to ask. Is this just more Kool-Aid drinking and wishful thinking at this point? Take the first one you mention (and only 5*****), for instance - Christian Westerman. He's from Arizona and currently lists offers and equal interest for Alabama, Arizona State, Auburn, California, Florida, LSU, Miami (Fl), Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, UCLA, USC, and Washington. So what makes you think Auburn gets his commit at this point?
The "only 5-star" listing is because Rivals has not done any star-ratings at this point and Scout's are only a preliminary early watch list, basically (for example, Jeff Driskel is still listed as a 3-star).

Regarding Westerman:
"It's not often that you hear Arizona prep football star and the Auburn Tigers in the same sentence, but that's exactly the case with 2011 standout offensive tackle Christian Westerman from Hamilton High.

"We're thrilled and absolutely excited about hearing from Auburn," the elder Westerman tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "That's a school we've had interest in for quite some time because of all the family ties we have in the South. We've got family there in Auburn and in Alabama and around the Southeast. That's a school we've had our sights on for a while."

"Part of our interest in the Southeast is that where Christian chooses to go to school we would probably move close to that area," Westerman says. "We've thought about moving to Alabama for some time now because my wife's parents and her brother and aunts and uncles, we have family all over Florida, Georgia and immediate family in Alabama.

"We want to let Christian be his own guy and go to school and have his own deal, but we want to certainly be in the area where we can support him. Family is very important to us. Our church and Christian faith is very important to us. It's important to keep that together. This isn't to be overbearing or not to give him his space, we just want to be part of his football future."

"I definitely think Christian wants to play as soon as possible," Westerman says. "He wants to go somewhere he can make an impact. When you look around at a Florida or a USC and some of the other schools that have offered him, they've been a real hotbed for recruiting and that's great.

"But for a kid to come in and really make a difference and make an impact and be part of a change in direction, which I think Auburn is going to have over the next few years. This is only the staff's first year. I think it's real important to Christian and our family that he can get in and be an impact guy. I think that's a huge advantage that Auburn has. With Auburn we feel like it's just the beginning and they're on an upswing of growth. Christian could come in and be an impact kid and help turn the program on an upswing that could last for the next five or 10 years."
So no, definitely not kool-aid. If anything, I'd imagine we're atop Westerman and his family's list.
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