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Originally Posted by DallasFlier View Post
And to show just how inexact these rankings can be, Scout only gives the SEC 4 of the top 10 spots. Nebraska is ranked 30th right now, with a small class. We're still "in play" with 3 top players, should be get all three we'll be sitting pretty - 2 of 3 would still be pretty good, with the small class size.

Meanwhile, 6 of the 7 (way too) early 2010 top 25 lists have Nebraska in the top 10, with 2 of them ranking the Huskers as high as #5. The outlier places them #13.
I've never looked at Scout, I've always followed Rivals. I've been following that site for years. And yes, while it is inexact, it is relative. When you continuously recruit highly rated players AND combine that with good coaching, then good things will happen. (Ok, most of the time. )

And hey, having a small class can be a good thing. That means you have tons of returning players.
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