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OK its kind of getting there. 1st of all im a major newbie to Java, currently just a screen of text to me so apologies.

Domino environment with BES 4.1 is my current playground.

I have looked at both the code for the ecl.nsf and the source files for the device app.

Wonder if anyone has tried to create a seperate app for two distinct db's

In the code for the Device application there is a reference in the pusheddatalistener file with a Listen URL of http://:911

In the domino database ecl.nsf I have spotted a similar reference in the Domino ECL push library Action "protected int getDevicePort() { return 911;}

Now I could find no other similarities ie a pointer from the Device app to the ecl.nsf domino db file, this is what I thought would make sense to look for.

So with the above information I have recompiled the Device cod and alx files as well as the ecl.nsf with a number of 912 - in the hope that this was the link between the two. I made sure that the device app also had a different name "contactlist" and the dom db became ecl2.nsf

On running the New App on the device i get a msg "error starting contactlist:module 'contactlist' attempts to access a secure API'

In addition to this I have noticed that the original ECL app on the device, now contains the data from the new database.

So back to the drawing board - but thought would post in case anyone else has either attempted this or is perhaps considering doing similar.

Cheers for now
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