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Default BESMgmt SQL Database Mirroring

Got this setup under 5.0.1 with SQL 2005 Sp3. Failed over to the mirror and failed back without issue... however:

The RIM docs on mirroring state that the Dispatcher service updates the registry of the BES servers to modify the DatabaseServerMachineName value to the value of the mirror after failover. No such thing happened.

Supposedly you need to modify the FailoverServerMachineName value manually on each BES back to the original principal that failed, in order to cause that to be recognized as the mirror for failback.

None of this is needed apparently (which is awesome as failover/failback is seamless). I am using the Native SQL client and it appears all this magic is handled at that level.

Anybody else played with this? Is this just bad docs from RIM which refer to the older SQL replication, and does not apply to mirroring?
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