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Originally Posted by Joolie View Post
That is a good tip that I use all the time with my users. It's usually the first thing I do when they say that they can send email but are no receiving any.
<confirm> is a nice tool to check if the backend and the providers networks.

if you get the Delivery confimation you know that the mails reached the Blackberry.

But this is not a confirmation at all, if the user can see the mail-
1st: it is still possible that the date/time/timezone is wrong, so the mail is sorted to the wrong day.

2nd: If the encryption key is not in synch the user will not find this mail at all on the BB, because the device is not allowed to show it, even it is on the device.

Another contact with the user is still required to confirm the mail delivery and disaplay of the mail.

Best, Scr
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