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Default A better option

Disclaimer: I'm the developer of Copy2Contact

Copy2Contact is an alternative, which can grab from ANY source (email, SMS, web results, etc, not just emails) and can put appointments on your calendar too. There are all kinds of cool uses for this, including grabbing a contact from 411 directory assistance, and from web mobile search results.

On the BlackBerry, Copy2Contact is stand-alone (does not require a carrier connection) and can be deployed via a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to an entire organization without individual licensing hassles.

On the PC, it works with Outlook,, NetSuite, Palm, etc.

Main Copy2Contact Page

Copy2Contact For BlackBerry

See also: Copy2Contact For BlackBerry Feature Comparison

A 14-day trial is available as well. We'd love to hear from anyone interested in the product.

Sorry for the sales pitch, but I thought it relevant to the topic! Regards,

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