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All of our users are contained in 2 child domains under our parent domain. We ran into a problem where if LDAP settings were enabled on the BES (which is in Child A), the BES could not resolve users in Child B, even with DC enabled (port 3268).

My problem is we have a Load Balanced VIP in Child A that I need to point to (pointing to the parent domain is not an option for me). Thus I called RIM and they presented me with a key that is not really documented anywhere, "LDAPUseForestRootNamingContext"=dword:00000001. Since there is no way to specify your own SearchDN, enabling this key will force the SearchDN to start from the parent domain (DC=Domain,DC=com) as opposed to the child that it is in (DC=Child,DC=Domain,DC=com).

Just wanted to share this since this caused me a lot of frustration.
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