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Default KB04484 - What is the MSDE Workload Governor?

KB04484 - What is the MSDE Workload Governor?


  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server version 4.0 to 5.0
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® Desktop Engine 2000 (MSDE 2000)


MSDE 2000 has specific limitations compared to the full version of Microsoft® SQL Server® 2000. One of the key limitations that affects the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is the workload governor.
The workload governor is automatically invoked when more than 8 operations or transactions are requested of the MSDE at the same time. The workload governor will then slow down performance of the MSDE by pausing for a few milliseconds before processing the next operation.
The workload governor is implemented at the Microsoft SQL Server instance level and not at the database level. If more than one database shares the same MSDE instance and if the total number of operations of all databases exceeds 8, then the workload governor is invoked for the MSDE instance.
As the number of BlackBerry smartphone user accounts increase on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the number of calls to the database will also increase. When this occurs, the workload governor is invoked more often causing degradation in performance of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. To determine if the workload governor has been invoked, see KB11313.
The number of connections that can be made to the MSDE is not limited by the workload governor. As with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (Standard and MSDE) the total number of connections that can be made to the Microsoft SQL Server is 32,767. As the number of connections increases, the likelihood of the workload governor being activated will also increase.
For more information on the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 workload governor, visit the Microsoft SQL Server Developer Center site and search for "The SQL Server 2000 Workload Governor". For further information, you can also visit the Microsoft® Website and search for “MSDE Workload Governor.”
For information on how the workload governor works with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for IBM® Lotus® Domino®, see the Performance Characteristics: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.0 for IBM Lotus Domino white paper.
Note: The workload governor has been removed from Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 Express Edition.
For a complete list of differences between the MSDE 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, visit the Microsoft SQL Server Developer Center web site and search for "Microsoft SQL Server 2005".
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