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Default KB11490 - Out of Coverage Check

KB11490 - Out of Coverage Check


  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software version 4.0 Service Pack 2 and later for Novell® GroupWise®


BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software version 4.0 Service Pack 2 introduced an out of coverage check to reduce the amount of pending email messages that need to be queued for inactive BlackBerry smartphone users who may have their BlackBerry smartphone turned off, or are out of coverage for a long period of time. This reduces the amount of email messages needing to be requeued on a restart of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, reducing delays.
BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise uses the UserStatus flag in the MbParm table of the BlackBerry Configuration Database to determine the wireless coverage status of each BlackBerry smartphone user.
UserStatus value Description
0 In Coverage
1 Out of Coverage
The BlackBerry GroupWise Connector process (GWConnector.exe) performs a wireless coverage check every 15 minutes to determine the wireless coverage states of each BlackBerry smartphone user. If a BlackBerry smartphone user has more than 20 email messages pending to be delivered to the BlacKBerry smartphone, and no transactions have been received from theBlackBerry smartphone in more than 20 minutes, the value will be updated to 1, to represent the BlackBerry smartphone user's status as out of coverage. This will appear in the BlackBerry GroupWise Connector log [GWCO] as follows:

[3408] (10/18 07:14:21:{0x1754} {5} {} Wireless Coverage=False
where is the name of the BlackBerry smartphone user.
The BlackBerry GroupWise Check New process (GWCheckNew.exe) and BlackBerry GroupWise Address Book process (GWCheckPA.exe) check the MbParm.UserStatus flag every 60 seconds. If the flag is set to 1 (Out of Coverage), the processes stop attempting to retrieve new items from the Novell GroupWise Server.
The MbParm.UserStatus flag can be set back to 0 (In Coverage) by receiving and acknowledging enough email messages on the BlackBerry smartphone to lower the number of email messages queued on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to below 20. If there are email messages pending on the wireless network, as long as the BlackBerry smartphone is able to receive wireless traffic, this should occur normally.
The flag will also be set to 0 if a transaction such as a new email message composed on the BlackBerry smartphone or selecting the Reconcile Now option is sent from the BlackBerry smartphone. Since the BlackBerry smartphone needs to have coverage to send this data, the MbParm.UserStatus flag is then be set to 0 (In Coverage) when this data is received by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
This change will appear in the BlackBerry GroupWise Connector log [GWCO] as follows:

[3409] (10/18 06:19:40):{0x1754} {5} {} Wireless Coverage=True

Additional Information

Do not attempt to update or manipulate the BlackBerry Configuration Database manually. For further assistance troubleshooting email message issues, contact BlackBerry Technical Support
In the MAGT log, an entry similar to Device coverage update = 2 indicates that the BlackBerry smartphone user is in coverage.
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