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Software Config Issue (upgrade 3rd party app)
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Old 11-15-2010, 11:45 AM
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Default Software Config Issue (upgrade 3rd party app)

So I'm sitting here, beating my head against the wall, over a software configuration - one I'm trying to use to push out an upgrade to the existing app (Chalk).

The original push of the app, v5.5, went fine. Pushes out to users, yada, yada.

Chalk released an upgrade to v5.6, so, silly me, I tried to push out the upgrade yesterday. I copied the new files down to the same directory where the v5.5 files were located, ran the /index command, opened the software configuration to see the new version listed, and waited.

Now, anyone know knows me knows I don't wait well. After an hour (yes, I know the normal poll time is 4 hours), I highlighted all the users (318) and clicked Deploy Applications.

Nothing. It's been nearly 24 hours and not a single user has received the upgraded application. In fact, the v5.6 application won't even push out to new handsets.

I'm seeing a lot of these in the POLC log:

[40000] (11/15 09:28:57.592):{0xEF8} {BBTips@mycompany.com, PIN=xxxxxxxx, UserId=2164}SCS::PollDBQueueNewRequests - Queuing POLL_FOR_MISSING_APPS request
[40000] (11/15 09:28:57.592):{0x1BF0} RequestHandler::PollForMissingApps: Poll For Missing Apps called while another poll was in progress.

A LOT of them....over and over and over.

I've tried stopping and starting the Policy log, and using Deploy Application to a much smaller subset of users, but nothing.

I called RIM and they suggested I first remove the v5.5 app and then assign the v5.6 app, but at this point it's not really an option. I don't have the v5.5 software anymore.

Not sure what to do, other then change the Chalk IT Policy to allow people to upgrade manually...but that doesn't fix the issue of new devices/users not getting the app pushed out to them.

I haven't yet rebooted the BES (4.1.7 MR2 for Exchange..yea, I know).

Any suggestions?
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Old 11-17-2010, 05:56 AM
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Check if you can see lots of this:-

[40000] (03/04 10:36:44):{0x970} {aisha.wahl@blackberry.com, PIN: XXXXXXXX, ID:4}RequestHandler::PollForMissingApps - Transaction Id already queued for package <Application_Name>.

Verify you are seeing lots of stuck jobs using this SQL command:

select * from ITAdminQueue where (command = 128 or command = 129) and status = 6

If YES to all above checks, see KB04221 and clear all records.

Link: KB04221-Wireless application delivery fails when resending an application

Next you should clear off all current version apps and rebuild index for the newer v5.6 apps. See KB17353.

Link: KB17353-How to update previously deployed third-party applications to BlackBerry smartphones

Post back and let us know how it goes.
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