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BES Express AD users not visible
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Old 09-14-2010, 11:43 AM
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Default BES Express AD users not visible

Hi Guys,

I work for a school and we have recently set up BES Express.

the problem is that in BAS when I create a user I'm not getting the full list of users that have mailboxes.

The setup we have is quite complex as various parts of it are run by different people.

The exchange server is run by the LEA and it consists of Windows Server 2003 (enterprise I think) running Exhange 2007. I have very little access to any of this but I can request screen shots from the exchange admins and ask them to make changes to the config (which they may or may not agree to!)

the BES is sat on a virtual machine in the same subnet as the exchange server (exchange services are actually spread over 4 servers but to all intents and purposes they act as one machine)

I'm using BES

I can see a large number of the existing users in the BAS create user list but not all of them. I can create users who do appear in the list and activate Blackberries with their credentials. and emails flow to and from the devices with no problems.

The users who do not appear have had email accounts for a long time before the BES was installed.

When I get new accounts created on the exchange server they do not appear in BAS either.

I have checked the MAPI settings and they appear to be Ok.

I have checked that the users are visible in GAL and they are not hidden from exchange address lists.

My first thought was that the users mailboxes were on a different exchange server but I've checked that and they are all on the same server (but not all in the same Storage Group, although the users I have set up are in a variety of Storage Groups)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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