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BPS on Domino not sync tasks/addr bk, OK for emai/cal
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Old 08-06-2010, 02:32 PM
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Default RESOLVED *** BPS on Domino not sync tasks/addr bk, OK for emai/cal

Domino 7.0.4
Windows Server 2003
Handful of users - 3

I know this topic pops up every so often on the boards, but I've been unable to resolve and it's driving me up and down the wall... I'm about to transfer this whole system to a new Domino Server, but I'd like to get to the root cause of this before I do.


For several months now, all was well.

Recent changes:

Windows Administrator Password was changed.
Firewall replaced.

What I've done so far:

-Stopped all BPS Services and changed the password to the new Administrator password and restarted services
-Stopped SQL Server 2005 (running on same server), changed password and restarted service
-Confirmed that Port 3101 is configured in Firewall
-Ran the various tests within BlackBerry Server Configuration testing out port 3101 to RIM, etc
-Confirmed within BB Server Config that localhost is entered within the router host field

What I'm noticing:

-Mail and Calendar syncs
-Tasks and Address book not sync
-Enterprise Activation on a new BB gets most of the way through, allows mail to be sync OTA but hasn't finished setup yet -- displays "Synchronizng service Desktop & Calendar - Complete"
-Within the SYNC log file I'm seeing this. Note: x.x.x.x is my server's external IP Address:

[BIPP] Connecting to "DA-OJAI"
[40000] (08/06 00:28:42.093):{0x11D4} BIPPeClient::Connect: Found 1 addresses for host "DA-OJAI"
[40000] (08/06 00:28:42.093):{0x11D4} BIPPeClient::Connect: Host "DA-OJAI" @ [x.x.x.x]
[40000] (08/06 00:28:42.093):{0x11D4} BIPPeClient::Connect: Trying "DA-OJAI" @ [x.x.x.x]
[20000] (08/06 00:28:43.171):{0x11D4} BIPPeClient::Connect: Error calling host "DA-OJAI" [x.x.x.x] (10061)
[20000] (08/06 00:28:43.171):{0x11D4} [BIPP] Connection failed
[36012] (08/06 00:28:43.171):{0x11D4} [SYNC-SRP] Connection attempt with DA-OJAI failed

I would be grateful for any ideas.





Lessons learned... be absolutely sure, when you are selective with which TCP ports you are opening directly on your Server (mod to IP Address Properties), that you cover ALL the requirements for BES/BPS.

While the well known port 3101 was there, I ALSO needed to open port 3200.

Port 3200 is needed but not really well advertised by RIM.

This explains why I was getting the messages in the SYNC log regarding the Server being unable to be contacted:

Note: For this snippet I changed my public IP Address to x.x.x.x and the Server Name to DOMINO

(08/05 11:26:59.640):{0x1DA8} [BIPP] Connecting to "DOMINO"
[40000] (08/05 11:26:59.640):{0x1DA8} BIPPeClient::Connect: Found 1 addresses for host "DOMINO"
[40000] (08/05 11:26:59.640):{0x1DA8} BIPPeClient::Connect: Host "DOMINO" @ [x.x.x.x]
[40000] (08/05 11:26:59.640):{0x1DA8} BIPPeClient::Connect: Trying "DOMINO" @ [x.x.x.x]
[20000] (08/05 11:27:00.546):{0x1DA8} BIPPeClient::Connect: Error calling host "DOMINO" [x.x.x.x] (10061)
[20000] (08/05 11:27:00.546):{0x1DA8} [BIPP] Connection failed
[36012] (08/05 11:27:00.546):{0x1DA8} [SYNC-SRP] Connection attempt with DOMINO failed

Hopefully this info will help someone else avoid nearly 2 months of hassle.


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Old 08-06-2010, 05:26 PM
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please direct me to appropriate post: i'm a newbie here, desperately trying to sych my blackberry to my new laptop with outlook 2010. I installed v4.6. I keep getting message "no applications configured for synchronization. When I go through intellisync set up, outlook is not an option for 2-way synching (or anysynching) for desktop application. suggestions?
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address book, bps, domino, tasks

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