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Old 07-16-2010, 10:30 AM
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Exclamation BES Express 5.1


Anyone know how can I block the Internet Browser of my blackberry users ?

Does the network traffic go to our carriers or can I block the network or ports (80 ???) with my firewall ?

I don't have an IT policy for that because I think in the Express edition you can't block it.


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Old 07-16-2010, 10:37 AM
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I believe this is a limitation of BES Express. You can't control the handheld browsers via IT Policy.

If the handheld is using the Internet Browser, then traffic is going over the carrier's network, and not through your BES. You can't block it using your firewall.
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Old 07-16-2010, 10:53 AM
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If they use the Blackberry Browser ? Can I disable a service or make a false proxy connection ?
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Old 07-16-2010, 11:08 AM
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I tried this solution and it didn't work ? Did I missed something ?

Restricting user access to content on web servers
You can prevent users from accessing specific web servers using the BlackBerry® Browser or applications on their BlackBerry
devices. To specify the web servers that you want users to access, you can turn on pull authorization to restrict access to all types
of web content, and create pull rules to specify a list of web servers that you permit users to access. Alternatively, you can create
pull rules that specify a list of restricted web servers.
Restrict requests for content on web servers from BlackBerry devices
Turn on pull authorization for a BlackBerry® MDS Connection Service to restrict the web addresses that users assigned to that
BlackBerry MDS Connection Service can request when the users connect to the Internet or to your organization's intranet from
their BlackBerry devices.
1. In the BlackBerry Administration Service, in the Servers and components menu, expand BlackBerry Solution topology
> BlackBerry Domain > Component view > MDS Connection Service.
2. Click the instance that you want to change.
3. Click Edit instance.
4. In the Access control section, in the Pull authorization drop-down list, click Yes.
5. Click Save all.
Users cannot access web content on their BlackBerry devices until you permit the users to access specific web servers using pull
After you finish: To permit users to access specific web servers, specify allowed web address patterns and assign the web address
patterns to a pull rule, and assign the pull rule to a user account or group.
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Old 07-16-2010, 10:45 PM
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what are you trying to accomplish?
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